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April 06, 2016 6835 Views

InBev , Headquartered in Belgium, is the biggest brewer in the industry. InBev employs more than 86,000 people worldwide with sales over 130 countries.
InBev Netherlands exports strong brands as Dommelsch, Hertog Jan, Jupiler, Oranjeboom, Leffe, Hoegaarden and Beck’s. The project scope is defined for the Dommelen plant.

The production volumes in Dommelen were growing. To create more production capacity, the warehousing capacity where the FGI should be stored, was modified into a production facility. End of 2006, a new warehouse for FGI was built up on the site self. This had an impact on the available storage capacity for empty bottles and crates. Besides, the site had to deal with peaks (twice a day) of receiving/outgoing trucks. The inhouse engineering team came up with a solution.
InBev asked Groenewout to give a second opinion based on a quick scan.

Project is conducted in 3 steps:
Step 1: Required data set provided by InBev. Based on the data, goods flows and store are calculated (taken into account peak moments in day and other concerns)
Step 2: Scenario developments: 2 options are proposed and discussed with InBev.
Step 3: Preferred scenario is detailed out in CAD format.


  • An optimal and feasible solution regarding to the available capacity with relative low investments
  • Proposed concept generated new insights for InBev
  • Study executed within a week (very challenging lead time)