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Quick scan logistics processes

November 14, 2018 5920 Views


Royal van Lent is a professional yacht construction company at the Kaag. They are making large custom built motor yachts.


As Royal van Lent was looking for an expansion of their docks in either Amsterdam or Rotterdam, the Port of Amsterdam decided to support Royal van Lent by asking Groenewout to perform a logistic quick scan on their processes and layout at the Kaag to look for opportunities going forward.


  • At Royal van Lent we did several interview sessions with all department heads to understand their thoughts about the operation and its logistic bottle necks.
  • After all interviews and a site tour we listed our improvement suggestions for a greenfield design.
  • We presented our findings and recommendations to senior management. Royal van Lent then asked Groenewout to prepare a proposal to support Royal van Lent with the layout design of the new building in Amsterdam.


  • Royal van Lent has gained clear insights in their logistics operation, its current bottlenecks, what could be improved and the possible benefits.
  • The recommendations are done regarding the layout, the processes and other key elements.
  • Royal van Lent will be able to take the right decision going forward with the greenfield design, and they could also consider to implement some opportunities on their existing site.