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Project management for business changes

April 06, 2016 6955 Views

DHL Exel is a Logistic Service Provider specialized in warehousing and distribution, Value Added Services and transport.
DHL Exel runs the operation in Tilburg for the Warehousing, VAS and Distribution of e.g. printers for Samsung Electronics Europe.
After a long cooperation both organizations were desynchronized, both operations were subject to an improvement program.

Groenewout was asked to participate in a project team to manage a project with multi work-streams. This team was installed to prepare DHL operations to the changing business of Samsung.

Project management and methodology to assure a controlled implementation of the business change project.

  • Capacity requirement in calculation out of forecast and peaks (DMY) for FTE and MHE in flexible model
  • Process validation for new (changed) business in WEDC
  • Lay out covering forecast over 2007, overflow needed for 2008/2009<
  • Storage capacity for all SELS & SEBN BG
  • Move out other contracts and other Samsung divisions
  • Phased transition to the new situation before peak season.


  • Tooling for capacity planning for daily operation
  • Preparation for peak season, productivity improved, orders could be timely received, stored, shipped & delivered at agreed service levels
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • No disruption in business towards project realization.