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Project Management Crossdock Center

September 30, 2019 5696 Views


Neele-Vat is a Logistics Service Provider with multiple locations in Rotterdam, serving customers with storage, transportation, freight forwarding and customs administration.


Neele-Vat was granted the opportunity to set up a business case for a cross docking center on the City Terminal (ex-ECT Home). For that purpose Neele-Vat had to work with short sea operators to gain commitment to a sustainable and efficient container cross docking solution for unloading & loading of containers inside the terminal gate.


Groenewout delivered a project manager to work with multiple parties to develop a feasible and economical solution for the cross-dock center, considering the conditions of transportation inside the terminal, the peak workload towards the weekend departures, the cost structure and the interests of all parties involved:

  • Short sea operators (competitors);
  • RST- terminal operator;
  • City Terminal Cooperation;
  • Rotterdam Harbour;
  • Neele-Vat.


The delicate network of stakeholders in this project was the main argument for Neele-Vat to assign an external/neutral project manager with experience in the field:

  • Impartial;
  • Experienced in setting up cooperative networks;
  • Know-how of harbor logistics.

These factors were very important for the success of the project. Rotterdam Harbour awarded Neele-Vat to develop the site for a multi-functional site, including cross docking.