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Project Management a.i. LSP move

April 06, 2016 6285 Views


UPC Netherlands is the 2nd largest cable television operator in the Netherlands. UPC Netherlands provides digital & analog cable video, broadband internet and digital telephony (VoIP) services to 3.7 million service subscribers (RGUs) represented by 1.8 million customers .

UPC Netherlands has outsourced the storage and distribution of their Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), like modems and STB’s (Set Top Box) to a logistic service provider. After re-tendering a new LSP has been awarded the package.

Project management was provided setting up project team, budget, planning and design sessions with UPC and LSP attendance. In addition testing and move plan were initiated.
The project was at 2/3 of the lead time handed over to the UPC project manager. Project went live on time without any hick-ups in the delivery to the RGU’s.

UPC experienced no delay in the project although internal project management was unavailable at the start of the project. Project went live on time with drop in delivery performance to the RGU’s.