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Program of Requirements Moonen Packaging

September 23, 2019 5364 Views


Moonen Packaging is an expert in industrial packaging in a wide range, from simple high-volume packaging to tailor-made packages. They have clients in the e-commerce, retail, but also in the food industry.


Because of growth of business Moonen Packaging decided to move to a larger warehouse facility location. As part of the tender process for the best developer they needed a Program of Requirements for this new facility. For the design of the new building, Groenewout was asked to support and draw up the ‘Program of Requirements’.


After interviews with Moonen Packaging regarding specific requirement and quality levels Groenewout drew a concept Program of Requirements based on the outcome of the interviews and the logistics design as developed by Groenewout.

After review this concept version with Moonen Packaging the final version was drawn and used in the tender and as technical appendix under the rental contract.


  • Extensive knowledge of warehouse requirements  in relation to logistics designs;
  • Short lead time from start to delivery of final Program of Requirements.


Click here for the interview with Roland van Bussel, COO at Moonen Packaging.