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Pre-study expansion warehouse Schiphol-Rijk

November 27, 2018 6110 Views


Centocor, today part of J&J, is a biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and sells drugs based on monoclonal antibodies and DNA technology.

The monoclonal antibodies are manufactured in The Netherlands utilizing biotechnical technology.


Due to expansion of the production facilities, Centocor’s warehouse space needed to be expanded too. Groenewout was asked to perform a pre-Basic Design study to enlarge the warehouse capacity and to update the logistic processes and operations to a  GMP/GDP compliance level.


Based on data gathered by Centocor’s staff and Groenewout specialists 3 alternative layout solutions for the expanded warehouse were developed.
In a workshop the most optimal and efficient logistics layout was selected.

The preconditions and layout for the storage of raw materials, dangerous goods and end-product were defined, logistics operations and improvements of the IT systems were described,  material -, goods – and people flows drafted.

The report “Pre Basic Design” was the starting point to initiate the design engineering phase.


  • Groenewout’s knowledge and experience in healthcare Logistics, facility design and IT ensured the client of an optimal logistical solution for the warehouse
  • Groenewout’s experience in GMP/GDP regulations in the pharmaceutical industry was essential in setting the pre-conditions for the designs.