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Optimize raw materials warehouse processes

April 06, 2016 6892 Views

Akzo Nobel Car refinishes is a leading supplier of paints and services to car repair, commercial vehicle and automotive plastics markets around the world.

Akzo Nobel set the target for their raw materials warehouse in Sassenheim for the OTIF delivery to production to 98,5% and the stock reliability on correct SKU and amount per location to 99%.

A process walkthrough was done and the processes were documented. At specific process steps possible adjustments were indicated to allow to meet the required quality targets.
To quantify the specific described process steps and from that derive the effects of the proposed adjustments data was analyzed.
A number of alternatives for the Warehouse IT controls landscape were defined. A new process design was made including the proposed process adjustments. The feasibility of this new process in regard to the control alternatives was ranked and the estimated investments per alternative was determined.

All proposed alternatives did allow to meet the set quality targets and were ranked on feasibility. This did allow Akzo Nobel to decide on the preferred alternative and as a next step implement this alternative.