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Optimization Network Structure

April 06, 2016 7417 Views

BIS Industrial Services (BIS) is a division of Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services GmbH which is part of Bilfinger Berger SE, a listed German construction company. With about 1400 employees BIS offers solutions for industrial insulation, scaffolding, rope access, coating, heat tracing, asbestos removal, fire protection and noise control.

Due to several acquisitions the Supply Chain of BIS was no longer considered to be optimal. Therefore, BIS asked Groenewout to challenge its network structure for the Benelux area.

Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis and strategic discussion in workshops and interviews an optimal supply chain structure and the business case rational have been developed. After the ‘go’ decision
Groenewout delivered further support, including:

  • Location selection, from high level to site location selection.
  • Transition planning.
  • Project management during construction of the new central facility in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.


  • BIS operates a state of the art centralized location designed for future growth
  • A yearly P&L profit of >€500K
Click here for the interview “BIS benefits from  consolidation in Roosendaal” with Niko van Ruitenburg, director of BIS Industrial Services.