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Optimization logistics network strategy for sourcing and distribution

April 06, 2016 7172 Views


SK-Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company based in Kazakhstan. Samruk-Kazyna, Kazakhstan’s Souvereign Wealth Fund, owns 100% of the company. One of the prerogatives of SK-Pharma is to organize state purchases of pharmaceutical products and some services in the framework of guarantee capacity of free medicare through public tenders. The tenders are opened for participation for local well as foreign producers/suppliers.

Groenewout was asked by SK-Pharma to develop the optimal logistics network strategy for the sourcing and distribution of all pharmaceutical products traded under their responsibility.

Groenewout provided a 4-phased approach

  • Define business requirements and projected sales volumes
  • Define the optimal distribution network
  • Warehouse(s) lay-out & -designs
  • Investment calculation & financial business case (with E&Y)

SK-pharmaceuticals received a strategic financial outlook on the optimal distribution strategy, supported by operational designs on the accompanying logistics network and its warehouses.
Furthermore a transition approach was developed, describing a/o the staffing plans and IT landscape.