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Optimization logistic process

April 06, 2016 7338 Views

Netwerk VSP, a 100% affiliate of TNT, distributes around 100mio folders a week to 7mio households throughout the Netherlands. As such, Netwerk VSP is the market leader in the Netherlands in the area of unaddressed mail.

In recent years Netwerk VSP was growing consistently while their operating centers have been consolidated from 14 to 4. Therefore the inbound transport & handling of folders up until the “sorting” machines has become more complex. Related questions are: how to create upstream supply chain transparency and collaboration synergies? how to optimize storage, identification and routing of the volume (incl centralized versus direct).

Groenewout defined the business processes and physical lay outs to be able to cope with the required throughput efficiently and effectively. Main areas were: Insource/outsource decision for central warehouse Functional requirements of IT solution Detailed project plan for implementation.

Increased transparency and coordination throughout the supply chain Substantial cost reduction and CO2 reduction due to significant decrease in transportation kilometers. A number of quick-wins that lead to financial savings and/or customer service improvements once implemented.