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New process design

April 06, 2016 6587 Views

TPG Post is the national Dutch mail company. TPG post and TNT express are part of TPG. TPG Post and TNT have an outstanding position in Mail, Express and Logistics.

The equipment in the centres for fine-sorting of mail needed to be brought up to date. In parallel some changes in the process had been introduced over the last years, such as the introduction of machines for the fine-sorting of the small mail. To optimally design the equipment, it was necessary to first look at the processes and the lay-out of these centres.

Existing and additional modular design rules were defined, taking into account commercial, logistical and organizational requirements. Based on the design rules several alternative lay-outs were visualized in a blue print.
The best alternative was selected based on criteria, like minimization crossing flows, minimization transport distances, best support on teamwork and best overview on buffer between processes.

TPG Post gained incorporation of logistics and commercial requirements in the layout, a detailed layout with optimal routing, modular layout rules to facilitate implementation in all 400 locations. Clear 3-dimensional visualization of processes and layout, supporting communication and education of new process design.