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MRP Tool

September 23, 2019 5667 Views


The Network Services department of Ziggo NL is responsible for maintenance, repairs and new projects. It is important that the correct products and quantities are on stock in the central warehouse to support the technicians. Further information can be found on website Vodafone or Ziggo.



The Supply Chain Planning department was looking for a tool to support the inventory planners. For new products, Ziggo NL already uses an MRP tool developed by Groenewout, therefor Groenewout was asked to modify the tool for Network Services.



The SCP department started with listing a set of requirements for the tool. Together with Groenewout, the specifications for the tool were developed. After that, the tool was developed and tested.

Input for the tool are several csv files, that are automatically created by the Ziggo ERP system each night. These file contain actual stock levels, planned receipts, forecast data, historical demand data and BOM definitions.

The tool verifies the actual stock level with the forecast and expected demand based on history.

Each material is labeled red – orange – green, depending on the status.



  • Completely customized for Ziggo;
  • Graphical and visual representation of materials;
  • Flexible to do what-if scenarios.