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Masterplan Supply Chain

November 07, 2018 6696 Views


Tessenderlo Group is an organization with a worldwide presence that provides solutions for global needs in food, agriculture and water management. The SOP Plant Nutrition segment features the supply of potassium sulfate fertilizers to agricultural end-markets.


Sales & Marketing of SOP Plant Nutrition have recently provided new business requirements to ensure and strengthen their competitive advantage. Groenewout assisted in investigating how these requirements could be met from a supply chain perspective and reviewed its impact on cost and service efficiency.


  • Mapping processes, capacities & lead-times of bagging & bulk container stuffing operations.
  • Reviewing inventory management policy with the aim to reduce customer lead-times and meeting the new business requirements.
  • Model development to simulate To-Be situation.
  • Optimization of To-Be situation in 4 jointly defined logistics concepts, based on the new inventory management policy.
  • Elaborating business case for preferred logistic scenario:
  • Engineering of logistic concept (processes, FTE’s, storage requirements, MHE).
  • Calculating required building space and land plot.


Deliverables include:

  • Advice on lead-time reduction based on As-Is vs To-Be bagging planning process.
  • Quantification of various logistics concepts to support the decision making process.
  • Evaluation of the viable logistics concepts on both quantitative (business case, CAPEX & OPEX) and qualitative (pro’s & con’s) aspects.
  • Optimized inventory management policy and corresponding advice on storage & production capacity requirements given business forecast.
  • Operational cost calculation for new distribution network.
  • Advice on feasibility of printing-on-demand solutions to increase customization of end product.