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Masterplan hub

November 14, 2018 6249 Views


Panalpina is a global 3PL, operating in 75 countries.

At Moerdijk, The Netherlands, Panalpina has one Oil & Gas Logistics hub. From this 30,000 m2 site, Oilfield services are delivered. One of the main customers of Panalpina is Schlumberger


Panalpina was looking for a Masterplan for their hub at Moerdijk. Drivers for this Masterplan were: shortage in storage space, required efficiency improvements and inadequate level of safety and security


A masterplan was conducted, covering all aspects for optimizing the site including logistics and buildings with special attention for fire safety, hazardous goods storage requirements (CPR) and security systems). Deliverables of the masterplan were:

  • A thorough analysis of the (current and future) operational requirements
  • A detailed preferred alternative including:
    • Optimal storage and handling concept
    • Optimized site and building lay-outs
    • Investments estimate
    • Impact on operational costs
    • Project plan for the realization


  • Detailed masterplan, that enables Panalpina to continue their operation for the next 10 years
  • Elements to set up a profound business plan
  • Phased project plan, to realize the masterplan without major disturbance on the operation.