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Masterplan Factory Premises Berlin

November 06, 2018 5839 Views


Cargill’s facility in Berlin produces chocolate. It is used to produce finished products and to produce liquid chocolate for other brands.


The site in Berlin is too big for the current needs, especially the big warehouse can be sold. There is already a potential buyer, but the new layout and all flows needed to be determined to sell off the right property and to not be limited to grow production the next years for Cargill.


To define their new layout and logistic concept several steps were taken;

  • Analyze current flows, processes and data
  • Set up several new layout options with pro’s and con’s
  • Define the best layout option
  • Set up several drawings to determine the best new site flow and detailed layout
  • Decide on final flows, new storage overviews and new parking facilities.
  • When the new drawing was discussed with the potential buyer, he could buy part of the plot.


  • Analyzing their current flows and numbers gave them already a huge insight in their own operation and the impact of future growth.
  • Part of the property will be sold, but they are now confident, that they don’t sell too much or too little.