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Logistics tender Europe

February 20, 2018 6818 Views


Heartland Food Products Group is a global leader in the production of liquid beverage enhancers as well as zero calorie sweetener products for the retail market. Heartland offers Sweeteners under its brands Splenda, Splenda Naturals and Nevella and water enhancers under te brand name Go Splash.


Heartland planned to change their distribution model in the UK and Ireland from an indirect distributor model to a direct to customer model.


Together with the heartland team, Groenewout developed a new distribution strategy for UK/Ireland. This consisted a.o. of opening an outsourced warehouse facility in the vicinity of Birmingham.

Groenewout supported the tendering process to evaluate potential Logistics Service providers (LSP). Besides comparing the quality of the financial proposals, during live presentations by the LSP management teams, a risk assessment and  overall impression formed part of the final evaluation criteria.

After selection of the preferred partner, Groenewout supported the Due Diligence and contract negotiation process between Heartland and the selected Logistics Service Provider.


With help of Groenewout, Client managed to complete Due Diligence and contract negotiations in a very tight schedule. Within a two month period, a complete outsourcing contract was set up and agreed, covering a.o.

  • A performance based Service Level Agreement
  • Operational processes
  • Communication / IT