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Logistics optimization (AGV) and tender support

January 19, 2017 7530 Views



PPG Architectural Coatings EMEA is the 2nd largest supplier for both homeowners (DIY) and professionals with a collective portfolio of superior products of leading brands. This position is created by the acquisition of SigmaKalon at the start of 2008.


The PPG / SigmaKalon plant in Amsterdam has over ten production & filling lines. Each line is able to produce a variety of can-sizes which are automatically  palletized. An old AGV system takes care of transportation to a central automatic truck loading system. Questions were whether AGV replacement is the right direction and if so, how to select the proper supplier.


Groenewout first analyzed the goods flows both average and max/min, the product and palletization characteristics, taking also future growth plans into.

The options of trucking the pallets, replacing the AGVs and conveying individual cans to a central (robot)palletizer were compared and evaluated on costs, investment and qualitative criteria. The AGV replacement was recommended with 4 ‚Äď 5 vehicles.

Groenewout then supported the PPG project team in contacting a long-list of AGV suppliers, tendering, evaluating and contracting the preferred supplier. We have been reviewing documentation and participating in milestone meetings.


  • Clear business case recommendation
  • Detailed analyses of the goods flows was the basis for the conceptual trade off, including proper determination of required number of AGV vehicles
  • Guidance during the tender process enabled PPG/ SigmaKalon to meet the planning milestones set upfront while making a profound decision.