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Logistics design for new facility

September 30, 2019 5961 Views


Moonen Packaging (part of Optigroup) is a wholesaler of packaging materials with a focus on sustainable packaging solutions. Moonen has outgrown the facility it has been working in for more than 20 years.


Moonen Packaging was looking for greenfield options in the neighborhood (Weert) and requested Groenewout to develop more efficient storage methods and processes and size the required facility size and user requirements.


A thorough data analyses by Groenewout helped to distinct various process flows and storage categories.

In a joined effort Moonen and Groenewout discussed options to enhance picking, sorting and packing processes and to improve storage density. Special focus for retail shipments (shop-level) resulted in a more advanced working method with higher productivities per manhour. The applicable WMS conditions were discussed with the supplier.

Meanwhile Groenewout composed a user requirement document. Together with the sizing of the facility a real estate agent was able to perform a survey of the greenfield options.


Project experience & logistics expertise of Groenewout combined with practical know-how of the existing operation has resulted in an optimized lay out and best-practice processes.

  • Data driven design;
  • Expertise in wholesale & retail operations;
  • One stop shop for logistics and facility design;
  • Hands-on culture and timely communication.

These factors were very important for the success of the project. An interview with the COO of Moonen is available, click here.