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Logistic engineering support

April 06, 2016 7134 Views


CEVA Logistics is a Logistic Service Provider with more then 52,000 people with facilities in over 100 countries worldwide . In the Benelux there are almost 2,000 employees managing over 200,000 square meters of warehouse space in 18 locations.

Because of their fast growing business CEVA took an option to rent a new facility in Roosendaal. CEVA wanted to have a high level analysis providing guidance on the logistic business opportunities for this site.

To support the CEVA decision process a number of analysis were performed by Groenewout:

  • Required square meters for potential customers
  • Actual square meter price (square meter price including racking etc)
  • Break even point on cost (average income vs. average cost per square meter)
  • Preparation capital request (including estimate of required investments in site)


  • With the report of Groenewout on the business opportunities of this real estate object, CEVA had a clear assessment of the actual situation and future opportunities
  • Based on the analysis performed by Groenewout CEVA was able to decide to go into the next phase of the project being a site inspection.