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Logistic due diligence part real estate acquisition decision

April 06, 2016 6746 Views

Altera Vastgoed NV is an investment company for real estate properties with a strict sectorial approach. The four sectors the pension funds can participate in are: residential, commercial shopping, commercial office and commercial logistic. Within the sector commercial logistic the focus lies on distribution centers and small area multitennant buildings.

Altera Vastgoed had the intention to buy a distribution center. Altera Vastgoed asked Groenewout to execute a technical and logistic-commercial due diligence as part of the input to decide whether it was feasible to acquire this center. The main points of the study were the quality of building and installations and the logistic-commercial quality of this real estate object.

The technical appearance of building and building related technical installations were investigated. This included the quality of the site and buildings based upon logistic and commercial facts and information:

  • site lay out
  • internal logistic usefulness
  • general market conditions.

Based on these investigations an opinion was given on the technical and logistics quality level of the object.


  • With the opinion of Groenewout on the logistics and technical quality of the real estate object, Altera had an assessment of the actual situation but even more important an assessment of the quality in 5 years from now
  • Altera was able to make a well-founded decision to buy a large distribution center in the South of the Netherlands.