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Layout new warehouse

April 06, 2020 4904 Views



Hydrowear is a Dutch family business with the head office and warehouse located in Emmen. They design, develop and manufacture workwear with different certifications, degrees of fire resistance, degrees of water resistance, high visibility, etcetera.


Because of the current, and expected, double digit growth per year, Hydrowear bought an adjacent land plot to expand their warehouse. Hydrowear asked advise on the layout of the combined warehouses. In addition also all processes were reviewed to optimize the process flows.


Data was analyzed and verified to get insights in the order profile of Hydrowear. Based on the order profile, storage requirements and building boundaries, several logistics concepts were considered for the warehouse layout in combination with changes in the processes (for example the introduction of scanning). By comparing the qualitative and quantitative aspects of every concept a decision was made for the preferred concept, which was elaborated in the final stage.


  • Sufficient flexible storage capacity to allow for future growth and changes in the assortment;
  • More efficient process and implementation of tracking and tracing of SKU and orders within the warehouse processes;
  • Insight in OPEX cost savings and a very positive ROI.