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Investment proposal for the Supply Chain EU project

June 22, 2021 5098 Views

Eriks is one of the largest industrial suppliers in the world. ERIKS focusses on high end technology items for the industrial market. Eriks has several logistic and service centers in Europe.​

ERIKS has defined a clear supply chain strategy and roadmap for 2017-2025. Based on already performed projects ERIKS has asked Groenewout to prepare all analysis for an investment proposal for the total Supply Chain EU project. This includes detailed analysis of all countries and locations and 3 retrofit studies for Capelle, Rijnmond and Alkmaar.​

To set up the requested investment proposal several steps were taken;​

  • Updated and analyzed current and to be flows per location (incl discussions with all countries to validate and finalize).​
  • Performed 3 retrofit studies for Capelle, Rijnmond and Alkmaar (analyzed different logistic concepts) with a final layout, Capex, FTE and Opex budget.​
  • Performed all needed analysis to complete the IP calculations from a logistic perspective (FTE moves because of closing locations, cost impact of product moves, investments, etc.).​


  • Based on all performed analysis and discussions a good investment proposal with a very positive business case was presented to the board and investors.​
  • With this new supply chain network Eriks is ready for the future with a cost effective supply chain.​