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Integration of transportation between shipper and client

April 06, 2016 5912 Views


ModoVanGelder is one of the largest paper traders in the Benelux. ModoVanGelder services the graphics and office market by using their own transport fleet.


ModoVanGelder and one of its customers identified integrated supply chain efficiencies by combining their distribution activities in the graphics market. This partnership led to a consolidation of shipments, increasing the occupation rate of the transport fleet and ultimately leading to a decrease in over-all logistics costs.


A supply chain quick scan was conducted. Alternative concepts based on pick & drop and cross docking were analyzed and compared. The concepts that led to a more efficient supply chain were implemented by ModoVanGelder and their customer. ModoVanGelder will act as a logistics service provider for this specific setting.


  • Identified supply chain efficiencies
  • Overview of total distribution costs and the additional required investments
  • Starting point for implementation of the designed concept; contract development between ModoVanGelder and client.