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Improvement master plan

November 14, 2018 5891 Views



Reining is an integrated logistics service provider specialized in following activities:

  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Forwarding

Reining is an independent division of Royal Wagenborg one of the largest all-round logistics service providers in the Netherlands.


Reining has a strong partnership for many years with their relation SCA Hygiene products in Hoogezand. SCA is Europe’s leading supplier of personal care products, comprising incontinence products, baby diapers and feminine hygiene products. In close cooperation there is a continuous improvement of operation and performance, driven by a constant pressure on tariffs and performance. Therefore Reining keeps looking for means of improvement of its operation and enlarge the service to SCA.


Groenewout was asked to set up an improvement Masterplan for the warehouse operation of Reining for SCA covering:

  • The warehouse operation at the “Rengerspark”
  • The years 2006 -2010.

Alternative warehouse concepts were designed using future figures and developments and multiple improvements and optimizations have been defined.



  • Optimal lay out and operation for the warehouse operation, including advise on future extension possibilities
  • Nine (9) specific operational improvements defined with annual revenues
  • Advise and discussion on WMS improvements including workshop with WMS-supplier.