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Implementation of outsourcing contract

April 06, 2016 6705 Views


Reining, subsidiary of the Wagenborg Group, is a European Logistics Service Provider specialized in warehousing and transportation.

Reining had the opportunity to assume the warehousing activities of SCA Tilburg (NL), international producer and seller of hygiene products, packaging and forest products with strong brands such as Libero, Libresse, Edet and Tork.

Groenewout supported Reining in the contract and negotiation phase.

  • A customized Activity Based Costing tool served as a starting point for rate negotiations
  • Determine and negotiated a Service Level Agreement
  • Defined new business processes to be executed by Reining
  • Established a communication structure between Reining and SCA
  • Defined and planned the transition period.


  • Realistic and quality cost estimates
  • Contract and Service Agreement that covers all relevant and important issues.