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Implementation Management

April 06, 2016 7504 Views

BIS Industrial services is a subsidiary from Bilfinger Berger SE. BIS Industrial Services is synonymous with top quality industrial service. What clients can expect from BIS Industrial Services is the right approach, tailored to their specific requirements: solutions for industrial services.
Based on the multidisciplinary approach or the provision of individual services: industrial insulation, scaffolding, rope access, coating, heat tracing, asbestos removal, fire protection and noise control.

BIS-IS had five places of business in the south of the Netherlands and Belgium . In order to gain efficiency we studied the possibility to concentrate their activities on one site. After a positive study BIS-IS decided to build a new facility in Roosendaal. The new location contains a warehouse, workshops for insulation and scaffolding , and an office. A large area for outside stock of scaffolding parts completes the facility.


  • Discussions and workshops with BIS to define their needs and expectations for the facilities
  • Set up design and assistance in site selection
  • Write Program of Requirement, accomplish the permitting and tendering.
  • Assistance in realization and hand-over .

Professional execution and management in the complete way, from idea to operation.

Click here for the interview “BIS benefits from consolidation in Roosendaal” with Niko van Ruitenburg, director of BIS Industrial Services.