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Implementation logistics outsourcing partner

September 04, 2017 6766 Views


Syngenta is one of the world’s leading agri-business companies with more than 27,000 employees in over 90 countries. Syngenta Seneffe (BE) is one of the biggest Syngenta sites in the EMEA region for formulation, filling and packaging operations. They produce herbicides and insecticides.

The end products are all produced as liquids of which 80% is in bottles (palletized) and 20% in ISO tanks. The end product is made to order and an estimated 80% is transported to the European market, the remaining  20% is for export.


In a joint team effort Syngenta & Groenewout selected the best outsourcings partner in a tender project in 2016. As the new partner was selected, Syngenta asked Groenewout to support the implementation project.


The implementation project as performed by Groenewout consisted of the following phases:

  • Initiate (Planning / Team / Contract / SLA)
  • Define (Processes / Procedures / KPI’s)
  • Design (IT set up / Operational team set up)
  • Prepare (Training / Testing)
  • Start up (Hand over business to outsourcings partner / Operational review meetings / Solve issues)


  • Well managed and smooth implementation of the outsourcing of warehousing and transportation activities in Syngenta Seneffe.
  • Well defined processes, procedures and KPI’s covered in a well documented contract and SLA.
  • Defined current, mid term and long term IT integration plan.