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High level feasibility warehouse automation

November 25, 2019 4770 Views



Dentsply Sirona is a merger of Dentsply (US) and Sirona (previously Siemens, Germany).  Dentsply Sirona delivers tooth related (implants, prostethics, etc.) items to several healthcare related customers in different countries.


Dentsply Sirona is looking for a consolidated (as there are multiple BU’s served in Venlo) greenfield design for their current location with a high level investment proposal.


To define their new layout and logistic concept several steps were taken;

  • Analyze current flows, processes and data
  • Set up several new logistic concepts including capex and costs
  • Decide on preferred concepts and set up a new lay out and needed m2 according to the high pharma quality standards
  • Set up several financial scenarios, investment planning and what if’s.


  • Analyzing their current flows and numbers gave Dentsply Sirona already a huge insight in their own operation.
  • Based on several scenarios, layouts and what if’s Denstply Sirona had all information available to take the right steps forward.
  • Dentsply Sirona has a concrete m2 needed calculation per concept incl growth scenarios.
  • Denstply Sirona knows the IT bottlenecks and requirements for a new integrated WMS.