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Future logistics network footprint

April 17, 2019 5689 Views

Bredenoord is an independent family-owned company that develops, delivers, maintains and operates rental energy systems. This contains generators, light towers or transformers, including cables, cabinets and fuel supply at the location where their customers need it.

Currently Bredenoord operates depots at Apeldoorn, Ridderkerk (NL), Schopsdorf, W├Ârnitz and Hamburg (D) and Vejle (DK).
Due to an extensive sales growth and an increasing international rental market, Bredenoord invited Groenewout for a tactical assessment of their future depot – and refurbishment locations in Europe.

Groenewout designed the future logistics network footprint, meeting future sales growth and the commercial ambitions to enter new markets.

This includes:

  • The optimal number of depots and its ideal locations;
  • Corresponding logistics operational costs and investments;
  • A strategic assessment on risks and opportunities.


  • A financial business case on the future logistics network;
  • Route-to-market strategy for each of the new sales regions;
  • Validation of required investments & transition costs;
  • Implementation plan, phasing-in of new depots.