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Flow analysis Benelux

February 13, 2017 6823 Views


Intersafe is a specialist in supplying  products and services to protect staff from risks at work. The wholesale function of Intersafe works with warehouse operations in France (outsourced, delivering the French market) and Holland (delivering the Benelux).


Intersafe has improved and structured  its front office processes in recent years, supported by appropriate ICT and activity based costing models. Less attention was spent on the optimization of the back office processes, and the cost level is judged as too high. Intersafe asked Groenewout to execute a flow analysis for the Benelux giving supply chain cost transparency and listing main levers for improvement in this area.


  • A comprehensive data analysis was performed and the materials flows were visualized and quantified giving an overview of all main processes. The quantification of the activities was aligned with actual financial data of 2012.
  • Intermediate meetings were organized to validate the figures and to give feedback about the results
  • Groenewout identified the most significant improvement areas and the potential contribution to reduce the overall costs.