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Feasibility study warehouse

November 13, 2018 4635 Views


BVB Substrates B.V. (BVB) is an important supplier of substrates for the Dutch market and also exports product globally. The BVB group exists of several companies including Bas van Buren in de Lier. From this site they produce, store and ship their products.


To be able to handle the peak of the garden season in the first quarter of each year, BVB was looking for an inside storage solution of slow moving low volume articles , allowing the production capacity to be used as efficient as possible during the peak season.


  • At first, a data analysis was executed regarding the characteristics of the distributed volumes within the Netherlands, also taking into account future strategies.
  • Before being able to size the storage location also analysis was executed on different production strategies resulting in different volumes and product mixes to be stored.
  • Finally, a warehouse building and logistical concept was designed allowing the determined stock volumes to be stored.


  • Insight in the effects of the future strategies on the storage volumes.
  • Insight in possible production strategies including impact on the stock mix and volumes.
  • Building layout and logistical concept , including investment – and operational cost estimates.