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Feasibility study warehouse Bever

November 26, 2019 5533 Views


Bever is an outdoor retail company. They deliver to Bever stores and Ecommerce customers. Bever is part of the AS Adventure Group.


Bever has a location in Pijnacker and an outsourced operation for McTrek in Germany. The rent contract for Pijnacker is ending, the productivity and efficiency is low, the costs are high and the capacity to facilitate growth is limited.


To define a new greenfield design and to determine if it is worthwhile to combine the 2 locations (Bever and McTrek) several steps were taken;

  • Analyze current flows, processes and data
  • Set up several new logistic concepts including capex and costs
  • Decide on final concept and set up a new layout and needed m2 for a new facility (combined and separate)
  • Set up several financial scenarios, investment planning, implementation planning and what if’s (including 3PL benchmark)


  • Analyzing their current flows and numbers gave Bever already a huge insight in their own operation (and the potential benefits with the McTrek operation).
  • Based on several (combined / optimized / etc.) scenarios, what if’s and cashflow overviews Bever (and AS Adventure Group) had all information available to take the right decisions.
  • Bever has a concrete m2 needed calculation for their future DC incl growth scenarios.
  • Bever knows the IT bottlenecks and has already a detailed insight in the IT requirements.