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Feasibility study re-engineering logistics operations Naarden

April 06, 2016 6556 Views

Givaudan is one of the most well known producers of, amongst others, flavours in the world. The Flavour Ingredients business is dedicated to providing high quality materials for use within the Food and Beverage industries. For production Givaudan operates several plants, of which the production site in Naarden (the Netherlands) is one of the largest.

Due to its continuous growth Givaudan Flavour Ingredients felt it was confronted with a sub-optimal logistics footprint for its site in Naarden. Therefore Groenewout was asked to define a new logistical set-up for this production facility.

Groenewout supported Givaudan in defining a new logistics footprint

  • Insource/outsource decision of its warehousing activities.
  • Synchronization of production and outbound transport, thereby reducing total cycle time with one day.


  • Clear overview of bottlenecks AND solutions to coop with future growth logistically.
  • Direction towards direct loading Make-to-Order material, causing a substantial working capital reduction and less storage space needed.