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Feasibility study racking

November 06, 2018 5513 Views



Cargill’s facility in Malchin stores finished products, raw materials and semi finished goods related to pectin production.


The site in Malchin has a limited free height of 5 meter and currently all products are stored on the floor. Cargill wants to optimize their storage capacity by installing a racking solution. They want to know; what is the maximum storage capacity of the building, what are the costs of installing a racking solution and if the current floor can meet the stability requirements for a racking solution.


To define a potential racking layout with costs and a stability calculation several steps were taken;

  • Analyze current flows and volumes
  • Set up several new layout options with pro’s and con’s
  • Adjust layout based on operational feedback from Cargill
  • Set up final drawing
  • Calculate final storage capacity (based on different pallet sizes and heights) and investment costs
  • Perform a stability check based on the floor characteristics and the final racking solution



  • With the outcome of this study Cargill had a complete picture with the potential storage capacity with a racking solution with a detailed lay out and investments costs.
  • They know that the stability calculations doesn’t give any issues.