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Feasibility study new warehouse

April 06, 2016 2671 Views

REV’IT! is a leading supplier of motorcycle apparel founded in 1995. From the start they succeed in meeting their mission to create the most innovative, functional and stylish motorcycle apparel yearly raising the standard.

The yearly growth figures of REV’IT are considerable, requiring a validation of their current warehouse concept in Oss on meeting the expected future goods flows, already knowing the current facility would not support this volume increase.

A feasibility study was executed on the future warehouse lay-out and processes in which data flows and processes were analyzed, taking into account amongst others the required future sortation peaks over all customers during the initial deliveries of every (sub) season.
The new warehouse layout was selected out of several alternatives and included:

  • Pallet and shelve storage
  • High level man up order picking
  • Manual sortation methods screen to sort and scan to sort
  • High level WMS functional design
  • Estimated investments on building & logistic equipment.


  • Blue print regarding warehouse operations to meet future growth
  • In-sight in alternatives and rational on preferred alternative
  • In-sight in estimated investments and operational cost