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Feasibility Study new warehouse bake-off products

April 06, 2016 6170 Views

9020XB015 Bakkersland.jpgDescription
Bakkersland wanted to combine two existing warehouses for bake-off products into one new location in Tilburg.

Assignment Groenewout was to define the optimal storage and handling methods and to develop a lay-out for the new operation.
15,000 m2 building size (new location), existing building

  • 10,500 pallets to be stored
  • 450 SKU-batch combinations
  • 1,700 shipped pallets per day (peak)

Data analysis of the current situation with two sites:

  • Seasonality of stock per week
  • Seasonality of shipped / received pallets per week
  • Mix between pallet types (Euro / Industry, stackable / non-stackable)
  • Evaluation of storage and handling methods:
    • Combination of drive in racks and conventional pallet racks was chosen
    • Special attention to sizing of shipping area


  • Lay-out drawing in AutoCad
  • Required number of FTE’s
  • Investment estimate
  • Program of Requirements for new racking, as a basis for the contract between Bakkersland and the supplier.


  • Groenewout helps the Bakkersland team in defining the optimal lay-out and working methods
  • The chosen solution is the result of a good cooperation and is supported by Bakkersland management, Bakkersland warehouse staff as well as Groenewout
  • Groenewout provided valuable input for discussions with the landlord (for example regarding the sprinkler system)
  • Short response times to meet the tight planning of Bakkersland.

Click here for the interview “Groenewout guarantees optimal logistics for new Bakkersland Distribution Centre” with Mr Gabriël van der Graaf, Logistics Manager Bake-Off for Bakkersland by Tjaart Theron.