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Feasibility study future warehouse

April 06, 2016 8011 Views

Deli XL is a supplier and distributor for the food service market, with more than 40,000 customers and 60,000 products. In Ede, The Netherlands, their head office and chilled central warehouse for fresh products is situated. In this warehouse, orders are prepared on end customer level and distributed via four regional warehouses.

The warehouse in Ede almost reached the limits of their storage and handling capacity. In the next coming years, Deli XL expected a significant growth. Deli XL wanted to increase their warehouse capacity via an expansion of their existing warehouse.

A feasibility study was conducted to find the most optimal logistics concept for the future warehouse. Starting with a thorough analysis of the existing situation, the basic data for the future warehouse was prepared. From this data, three alternatives for the warehouse were designed. After a detailed evaluation, the preferred alternative was chosen. This alternative included:

  • New strategy for order release and tote filling algorithm
  • Separate picking and replenishment aisles
  • 800 m tote conveyors, including shipping sorter with put to light


  • Clear insight in improvement opportunities of existing situation
  • Optimal new warehouse concept that meets required handling and storage capacities
  • Significant cost savings, ROI within clients requirements
  • Detailed project plan for the implementation.