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Feasibility study finished products Ukraine

February 06, 2020 5374 Views



Monsanto (part of Bayer Monsanto) is an agricultural company helping farmers, large and small, grow food more sustainably. From seed to software, to fiber and fuel, they are developing tools to help growers protect natural resources while providing nourishment to the world.


Monsanto was building a new production facility in the village of Pochuiky. The plant will produce bags of corn seeds and will have a +20.000m2 warehouse to facilitate the logistics activities related to production. Monsanto wanted to have a second opinion on the warehouse layout.


Due to the seasonality the focus was to first maximize the storage capacity and secondly optimize the process looking at required FTE and equipment. Several layout options were reviewed together with Monsanto. Several block stack options with different row depts were calculated. In addition, some options with racking were also validated. With regard to the movements several types of equipment were reviewed in combination with the number pallets moved simultaneously.


  • Maximized storage capacity for the warehouse.
  • Insight in FTE and equipment options on short and long term.