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Feasibility study capacity mechanization

November 06, 2018 6132 Views


Nederlandse Drogisterij Service B.V. (N.D.S) is a dedicated supply chain company specialized in the distribution of Healthcare products, which are distributed towards franchise drugstores from a central supply center in Zwolle, the Netherlands.


The N.D.S pick process is supported with a mechanized solution. This system has been operational for over 15 years. To ensure the continuation of a reliable and stable mechanized process, it was required to perform a life cycle  and  performance check of this system.


The overall state of the system was checked and analyzed and an extensive life cycle plan was drawn-up. For each group of components the impact of downtime was defined together with per component the End of life (EOL), End of support (EOS)  and the availability of local spares.

The scope included the mechanical and electrical components as well as the low level controls layer (PLC) and the high level controls layer (WCS).

For critical components, a new service interval and migration plan was drafted, together with a budget estimation. In addition a preliminary supplier selection was executed.


  • Clear overview of the impact of downtime per component and the impact on the overall system and process;
  • Clear overview of the critical components within the mechanized solution;
  • Risk migration due to an advisory migration plan;
  • Insight in expected maintenance and service costs for a longer period due to revised maintenance plan and planned migration works.