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Feasibility study Geevers

September 23, 2019 5617 Views


Geevers Auto Parts is a specialist regarding car components for repair. In their central warehouse of 40,000 m² in Veldhoven there are 100,000 different components on stock. Also there are 40 drivers available to supply components.



Geevers asked Groenewout to design a greenfield warehouse that is ready for the future. In this warehouse, potentially 3 existing operations would be combined.



Activities done by Groenewout:

  • Data analysis on the existing operations;
  • Extrapolation with growth figures;
  • Optimization of internal storage and picking methods and procedures;
  • Business cases for mechanization;
  • Greenfield design.



  • Optimization of logistics processes and lay-out;
  • Decisions based on data analysis;
  • Insight in sizing: how many m2 are required for the expected growth.