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Feasibility study

March 26, 2018 6396 Views


Nederlandse Spellenfabriek (NSF), founded in 1950, is active in the boardgame and puzzle industry. Mainly as a manufacturer but also as a service provider to support customers in sourcing and logistics.


NSF is currently operating a 6.000 m² warehouse operation including production and storage of both raw materials, components and finished product. NSF sought Groenewout’s support in determining the next steps to align capacity with growth and achieve higher efficiencies throughout the entire operation. Additionally Groenewout was asked to develop a high level business case supporting their idea to offer pallet storage locations to their customers.


  • Data gathering and analysis to understand the current business flows, volumes, capacity restraints and costs.
  • Decide future needs on warehouse floor space, machine and labour capacity and related costs.
  • Advise on inventory policy in order to support future growth and reduce warehouse footprint.
  • Workshops to decide on realistic (goods flow, capacity, …) logistic concepts.
  • Calculate full potential of warehouse & production space.


Deliverables include:

  • Development of a Basic Data Document which is used as a safe source for future scenario calculations.
  • Workshops to create awareness based on data analysis results.
  • Excel based (dynamic) model to plan required machine and labour capacity based on a set of variables such as machine type & quantity, processing speed, work regime, inventory levels,… .

High level OPEX & CAPEX calculations to support the business case looking at outsourcing (part of) the finished product pallet storage.