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European logistics footprint strategy

September 23, 2019 5510 Views


Founded in 2001, Certis Europe was created from three businesses acquired by Mitsui & Co. Ltd during the 1990’s operating in the UK, France and Netherlands. It has since grown to become a European crop protection specialist providing sales and marketing services to its suppliers alongside development and regulatory support.


Groenewout supported the Certis logistics team in identifying financial opportunities on the (inter-) continental inbound transport flows from suppliers, via tollers and distribution centers, to end customers.


Groenewout conducted logistics scenario simulations on the following solutions:

  • Transition from air freight to sea- and road freight;
  • Implementation of consolidated import- or export hubs;
  • Direct shipments from supplier to end customer, bypassing the distribution centers;
  • Increasing the minimum order quantities at suppliers, this creating full container shipments.


Groenewout identified:

  • > 20% on potential costs savings on inbound transportation costs;
  • > 5% savings on outsourced storage- and handling rates following a logistics benchmark.