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Engineering for cross dock center Goods-on-Hangers Fashion products

April 06, 2016 6033 Views



DHL – a Deutsche Post World Net company – is the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry. DHL Fashion Transport sorts and distributes garments for various customers to shops in the Netherlands (mainly cross-dock) and abroad.

The Fashion – consisting of 90% hanging garments and 10% flat pack / cartons – was to be centralized at a new location. The question was which storage & handling methods would be most appropriate, and which supplier most suitable.

Data flows and the processes were analyzed, taking into account required sortation over all distribution routes within a short time frame, the two extreme peak seasons (100,000 GoH/day), all bundle types. Suppliers were contacted and a select group was invited to respond to a Request for Information for a (semi-) automated GoH sorting/handling/storage system. A shortlist was selected based on pre-defined weighed selection criteria, and with these suppliers a concept was determined. The working method, layout, investment, FTEs and operational costs were also determined for a manual operation.


  • Better insight of flows through the operation
  • Groenewout’s proven supplier selection approach
  • All engineering activities performed, coordinated and documented by a single point of contact.