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Due Dilligence Fire Safety

April 06, 2016 6488 Views


ProDelta Real Estate is a developer and investor in logistics and industrial real estate. Its real estate portfolio consists of more than 500,000m² of buildings, divided over 120 hectares of ground. Its core activities in real estate are in the delta of the Rotterdam harbor, the province of North Brabant and the port of Antwerp.

Prodelta wanted to acquire a site with several storage and distribution buildings in the Netherlands. Because of the state of the buildings and the Building Standards which had been changed during the life time of these buildings, ProDelta wanted a due diligence on fire safety for the premises.
They asked Groenewout to check the fire safety of the existing situation and make an overview of the building and installation adjustments that are needed to meet the current standards.


  • Study of the different buildings, from drawings and in reality.
  • Make fire load calculations of alternatives, in order to check different solutions of compartments.
  • Set up a report with required adjustments for building and installations, and a cost estimate.

Groenewout provided a clear report with description of the existing state of the building and required adjustments, based upon fire load calculations.

Basis for discussions with the legal owner of the premises.