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High level program requirements new DC

April 06, 2016 7031 Views


“Korps Landelijke Politie Diensten (KLPD)” is one of the 14 Police corps in the Netherlands. Part of KLPD is the Department Logistics. This department operates a distribution center and a shop to supply all Police corps with clothing, equipment, arms and ammunition. Also DNA samples and juridical items of evidence are being transported and temporarily stored

Due to an increase of the number of clients (Dutch police personnel) and a growth in turn over, the present distribution center and shop of Department Logistics became too small and too inefficient. Groenewout was asked to draft a high level program of requirements for a new DC including shop, based upon optimal logistic processes.

After a study of the present logistic processes Groenewout advised to optimize the flows, handling and storage procedures and the warehouse control system. This lead to a Greenfield lay-out for the new distribution center taking into account special requirements for storing ammunition, the juridical items, the shop and the severe security measurements. Also future developments have been incorporated in the concept. All requirements and the lay-out have been described in a Program of Housing-requirements.

Department Logistics of KLPD got an independent and integrated advice about optimization of it’s logistical processes and the optimal lay-out of the new distribution center and belonging facilities.