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Developmental approval extra warehouse tent

December 03, 2019 4930 Views


Sandvik is a Swedish engineering group in mining and rock excavation, metal-cutting and materials technology. From their 13.500 m² distribution center in Venlo they distribute over 5.500 different products.


The distribution center in Venlo had already a warehouse tent due to the lack of space. Because Sandvik expanded their current activities and introduced new activities, even more space was needed. Sandvik wanted to increase the storage space by getting an extra warehouse tent. They asked Groenewout to perform the whole procedure for getting a developmental approval for the extra warehouse tent.


Groenewout performed the procedure for the developmental approval. An important aspect of the developmental approval was the determination of the fire loading, to ensure that the complete compartmentalization meets the requirements stated in ‘Bouwbesluit 2012’. Groenewout also provided drawings of the old and new layouts .


  • Complete update of drawing of the building.
  • Actual fire load calculation.
  • Building/documents in compliance with regulations and for discussion with the authorities.