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Development new logistic concept

April 06, 2016 6380 Views


Jabil is an electronics solutions company providing comprehensive electronics design, production and product management services to global electronics and technology companies. Jabil Assembly Poland (JAP) serves several OEM’s with final assembling and distributing of TV sets (LCD and CRT).

JAP was growing very fast and was outgrowing the capacity of the facility. This had a significant negative impact on the efficiency of the logistics processes. Jabil designed a new site with more space dedicated for receiving, storage and handling of components and finished goods. Groenewout was asked to develop a new logistics concept that should be more efficient and fit in this predefined facility.

Groenewout has executed the project in three steps:

Step 1: Data gathering by Jabil. Based on client data, Groenewout has analyzed the current and future business volumes, both flows and storage, also taking into account the seasonality patterns.

Step 2: Generating various solutions varying with storage density, mechanization levels, splitting local supply flows from storage products, etc. Together with the Jabil team the optimal concept was defined, both qualitative and quantitative.

Step 3: Detailing out the preferred concept in CAD drawing with process descriptions, material handling equipment requirements, investments and operational costs etc.


  • Clear project approach with logistics expertise
  • Maximized storage capacity combined with flexibility and efficient handling processes
  • Detailed quantifications to support decision process
  • Final solution prepared for implementation.