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April 06, 2020 5207 Views


stichd is a daughter company of Puma (former Dobotex) and has the European license to design, produce and sell socks and bodywear for PUMA, Tommy Hilfiger, HEAD, LEVI’s and is the trackside retail partner for Formula-1 racing.


Although stichd has moved to a new site a few years ago, further growth urged stichd to consider automation. Groenewout led the design and business case analyses, resulting in PUMA to support investing in goods-to-person technology. Groenewout has also supported the tender for warehouse automation and is involved in the subsequent engineering phases.


Thorough data analyses, system concepting & defining required system capacities and calculating man-hour reduction were the main ingredients by Groenewout for the business case approved at board level.

Running the tender for G2P-solutions was a joint effort of stichd and Groenewout. While stichd focused on project management and business processes, Groenewout focused on performance and capacity reviews, technical solution reviews and the financial business case.


Ensuring an efficient and first-time-right project execution to get through all stages of this project.

  • Data driven design methodology;
  • Know-how of automation solutions / suppliers;
  • Experienced project management competences. While Groenewout initially had the lead, stichd gradually took over the lead later in the process;
  • Flexibility in project roles and resource availability.