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Design of internal logistics processes

April 06, 2016 6255 Views


VU medical center (VUmc) will continue to lead in the field of medical imaging. All its activities related to imaging techniques will be brought together in a new Imaging Center. The building, where top research and treatment will take place, covers about 17,000 m2 and should be finished around 2016. Departments of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Cyclotron BV and Laser Center will be accomodated in the building.

VUmc and Cyclotron BV invited Groenewout to make a design of the internal logistics of a) the Cyclotron BV building levels and b) the Central Storage area for Radioactive materials (CRA). Cyclotron BV produces radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals and distributes daily to around 30 Dutch hospitals for clinical use. Time is critical to this process.

The Cyclotron production labs and packing processes were positioned next to each other. The new design is characterized by straightforward and faster logistics, lower radiation levels and minimum handling activities. In close cooperation with architects Olivier and Wiegerinck adjustments were made to obtain an ideal fit between processes and building.

Mechanized conveyor and storage systems were applied to improve logistics of both the CRA and Cyclotron BV.


  • Improved internal logistics and building design.
  • Better ergonomics: low radiation levels and minimum handling activities.
  • Flexible design that anticipates to changes in the coming 20 years.